Tuesday, August 31, 2010

World Peace

Why can't you openly declare your animosity towards me, you pussy! Must you be such a cunt licking ass wipe! You have the frigging balls to scowl at almost everybody around you, why not me? Afraid your well fed ego will shrink to the size of a pea? Well, good for you then! Because if you even dare to as much as blink in my direction, I will make sure you fuckin' pee in your pants and mind you, panzies like you come down with severe flu by just wetting their pants!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Same old shit

Yet another lacklustre Monday! Get up, make tea, hurriedly get into the shower, keep looking at the clock, get dressed, forget to dab on some perfume, skip breakfast and somehow manage to reach office. For what? To see those faces all over again - faces that make you want to throw up, faces that make you want to question your own existence, faces that are begging to be smashed, faces that make you want to drown in your own sweat.

Everybody is making small talk. They are so sweet to each other, you can almost visualize them licking cream off each other's faces. Their shrill voices echo in your head, long after they have ceased making conversation. It is so irritating; you just want to strangle them with the power cables of their own laptops and wear a smug look on your face as you watch them die. And after they are dead, quickly smuggle their shiny little laptops out of office and spend the rest of the day playing with them. So, now if you want to make something of your petty lives by sucking up to your bosses, better keep your trap shut you whiny little bitches. Unless you have a death wish - l will gladly put an end to your misery.

And by the way, did I tell you - how fucking ugly your dress is. I was almost beginning to forget what you wore three weeks before, the day when you waltzed in looking like a stuffed goat, bedecked in all your finery, ready for slaughter. That image of you left such a bad taste in my mouth, I almost induced vomiting but then the fear of choking on my own vomit stopped me from doing it. Seriously, I am sorry I lived long enough to witness this fashion disaster.

Okay, I need a drink now!

P.S. I don't like spewing venom, you know.